Repovesi National Park

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Repovesi National Park is located in South East Finland, in the area of the municipalities of Kouvola and Mäntyharju. The distance from the center of Kouvola to the entrance of Lapinsalmi is 45 km. In an area of about 15 km2, Repovesi offers more than 40 kilometers of various routes. Different routes are suited for different kind of hikers. They might be simple, complicated or even vertical.

You can also find rock paintings that prove how Repovesi has been popular through out history!

The park has three entrances, including parking places, where you can park your car: Lapinsalmi, Tervajärvi and Saarijärvi. From there you can start your walk on trails (summer) or slopes (winter). All ski routes are made by using modern technology, for safety reasons, routes pass through the park or along the edges of lakes, away from dangerous places.

Every year the park is visited by about 80,000 people, many of them stay there over the night. In 2012 Repovesi received the title "Best place for outdoor activities in Finland." Truly amazing!

At the Lapinsalmi entrance (address: Riippusillantie 55) there is a kiosk, that is open every day from 10am to 5pm during summer time. There you can buy ice cream, candies, hot and cold drinks etc. Remember to stop for a cooling drink when you are hiking in the woods!

One of the most interesting destinations in Repovesi is the suspension bridge, which joins the eastern and western side of the Lapinsalmi in Valkeala. The bridge is 50 meters long and weighs 5 tons. Crossing it is always a unique experience for everyone hiking in the area. The bridge hangs about 10 meters above water. At the eastern side of the bridge there is a campfire at special rest campsites with a campfire shelter and other equipment.

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Routes and interesting destinations in Repovesi:

Route Ketunlenkki

Ketunlenkki (which means "Fox trail”), is very popular among the beginners;  a varied 5 kilometer circular walk, which is very suitable for families with children. Along the way, you will find both the Lapinsalmi Hanging Bridge and the manually-operated “Fox Ferry”.

Kettu Ferry (Ketunlossi)

You have a possibility to cross the 140 m Määkijänsalmi on this ferry, built in 2010 powered only by spirit and human muscle. The ferry can take up to 8 people and it’s a ride unlike anything else.


The cliffs of Olhavanvuori Hill in Valkeala rise to heights of 40–50 metres. Rock climbing enthusiasts from all around Finland have conquered Olhavanvuori and so can you! According to enthusiasts, Olhava is Finland's best – a Mecca for rock climbing. It is also possible to take a marked trail and hike to the top of Olhava from where an impressive view stretches over the whole wild area. It's the most amazing view ever!

Elving Tower

There is an impressive view from the Elving tower over the largest lake and wilds area in Southeast Finland, e.g. towards the Repovesi National Park. The tower is over 20 meters tall, octagonal structure in the Northern Valkeala along the road to Orilampi.

Kuutti's Channel (Kuutinkanava)

The log flume, located in Kuutinsalmi, reflects Finland's industrial history and the log floater culture, that has prevailed in the area. Kuutti's Channel, which joins the lakes Repovesi and Tervajärvi together is 270 metres long and was built in 1912. Originally the canal was surfaced with stones, and the replaced with wood flume better suited for log floating. This flume has been restored into its original state.

Mustalampi lookout tower

When the weather is fine, you can enjoy a magnificent view from the lookout tower on top of the hill. It's a magnificent view!!!!

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